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How to Trust an app on iPhone {Step by Step Guide}

How to trust an app on iPhone: This question may arise when you download an app from the third party website other than an app store on your iPhone. This option will help us to safeguard our iPhone or iPad from malware which can cause damage. In some instances, these malware’s will come through these untrusted enterprise apps, that means these apps may not have properly licensed or these may contain appropriate content.

Trust an apps on iPhone
Step-by-step Guide to Trust an App on iPhone

So, whenever you try to download an app from the untrusted developer then it will definitely ask to trust this app. So, today my topic is how to trust apps on iPhone and get the app from untrust developer install on your iPhone. This “trust” option is called as “allow Unknown sources” in Android mobiles. The process will be very simple and easy and can be done by yourself anytime and anywhere with the smartphone.

What is a Trust Option in iPhone?

Trust option in the iPhone is just for Blocking any malware or any other app’s installing on our iPhone. This option will open a dialogue box in which you choose whether to trust an app or not. Apple iPhone will provide and enterprise distribution so that you can share your apps between two devices without the need to go to the Appstore to install them. But this option has got into the hands of bad actors and they are using it as a way to trick people into installing a malicious app into the phone. But with the ios9 upgrade, this issue was fixed to some extent.


In the previous versions of ios, whenever you have to download and install an app from an unknown source, a popup window appears. In that window, you can click on trust and simply the app will be installed. But now you have to follow some process to trust any app. This upgrade helps us to trust only those apps which you want to install intentionally. so there is no chance to any malware enter into your iPhone. Just take a look on below steps to how to trust apps on iPhone.

How to Trust an App on iPhone

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone. You can see all the settings on your phone.
  • Just click on General and then general settings will appear on the screen.
  • Now, tap on the profiles and then look for enterprise app section in profiles.


  • Find the app in this section and tap on the app.
  • Here two options will appear, Trust and Cancel.

Trust apps on iPhone

  • Trust on the app if you want to install that app otherwise you can tap on the Cancel button. See the below screenshots for better understanding.

By this process, you can get application even it is from the unknown developer also it will install on your iPhone.

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Hence, This is the process to trust the apps installed in your apple iPhone. If you like this just share it on your facebook and other social media websites. Your opinions are valuable, so, please don’t forget to express your views on the comment section below. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to 14wcph for more informative guides.

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