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Pokemon Trainer Creator : How to Create your Own Pokemon

Pokemon Trainer Creator: Pokemon, the world’s most famous anime and also a great animation show that has ever been created. It is developed by a group of companies but, still it’s the sole owner is Nintendo. Nintendo is the first company who brought video game console cassettes through which we can play video games by connecting a console to the TV. Super Mario Bros is the most popular game which is created by Nintendo. Well, coming to the topic, this Nintendo has launched a game called “Pokemon Go” in which we have lots of features to enjoy. In this game, we have to catch Pokemon by using the Pokedex and become a professional Pokemon trainer.

Pokemon Trainer Creator
Pokemon Trainer Female and Male Creator

Also, you can see your scorecard as a trainer in which you can see your strengths and achievements in the game. But, some people want to create their own Pokemon. So for those people, we are here with the information about how to do this Pokemon trainer Creator. In this article, I will tell you how to create your own Pokemon and also we will discuss and learn to make your own Pokemon card

How to Become a Pokemon Trainer Creator

So, friends do you want to make your own Pokemon trainer and also create your own Pokemon card, then this is the correct place to be landed. There are many websites which will offer the anime creation and also you can create your image as an anime character. But, only a few sites will give you the chance to create your own Pokemon character. The official website of Pokemon itself will give the best trainer creation options and also on the website we can play so many games whenever we are free. Also, see the anime websites list for free anime movies.

pokemon trainer card maker

Now, I will provide the complete step by step process on how to make your own Pokemon character and save it on your device. In this website, you can customize your Pokemon trainer avatar and can save it. But, you can be able to save it when you are a member of this site. So here you can register for this website to save your avatars. If you already have an account then you can sign-in on the website and then save your creations.

Make Your Own Pokemon Card

Not only the Pokemon trainers but now you can also become a Pokemon trainer creator card maker. There are many websites which will allow you to create your online virtual Pokemon card and then save it. If you are using a mobile then there are so many apps like card maker for Pokemon,  card maker -Pokemon, etc. So you can create this app on Phones and Computer. SO, now we are going to know how to create your own Pokemon and show off your skills as you like.

make your own pokemon card

Basically, these Pokemon cards will give you information about different kinds of Pokemon and their powers. So here you can make your own Pokemon. Show your talent and create a new and powerful Pokemon in the world. Here, we are going to show you the steps to download the Pokemon, Pokemon card and also the steps to create your own Pokemon trainer avatar.

Create your Own Pokemon Trainer

In the following steps, I will show you how to create an avatar for your Pokemon trainer. Pokemon trainer creator is nothing but, who evolves Pokemon’s and also searches for the Pokemon’s. In the game, the Trainer means you. So, now you can create your own avatar based on your choice and preference. The following are the steps to create your own Pokemon trainer.

  • Open and then you can see the options.
  • Here you can see the default character and options to change his looks, clothes, and so many options.
  • Now, simply change clothes, hair, eyes, nose, jackets, and shoes Whatever you want.
  • You can shuffle the tabs click on the Tab you want.
  • Once you have completed editing then you have to save it.

pokemon trainer avatar creator

  • To save this onto your device then you have to log in to your account. If you don’t have an account
  • If you don’t have an account then you can simply register to the website and continue to save.
  • That’s it now you can save your own Pokemon trainer into your device.

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How to create your own Pokemon Card

  • Go to google and then type “create a Pokemon card” and then tap “Enter”.
  • Here, you can find the best sites to create virtual Pokemon cards.
  • Go to any website of your choice and then you can see the form in which you have to details.
  • Type your details, which you want to be printed on the Pokemon card.
  • These details include name, strength, Pokemon Type, Trainer name, Stage, etc., options.
  • Now fill the form completely and then in the bottom you can see options.
  • Click on “generate” option. Then your card will be seen instantly with the given details “generate” option. Then your card will be seen instantly with the given details.

make your own pokemon trainer

  • Then click on the “save” option.
  • Well done!

Now your card is saved successfully, Enjoy your Day!


So, friends hope you have got all the information about how to create your own Pokemon and also create your own Pokemon’s trainer. Just read the above-given steps carefully to simply download them onto your device. If you like this article then please share your views with us in the comment section provided below. Also, share this post to your friends and tell them about this process. Thank you so much for reading this article, hope you had fun, keep visiting 14WCPH for more updates.

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