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How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving in Android {Updated Methods}

How to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving in Android Phone (No Root Required): As we all know that Pokemon Go is one of the biggest and greatest worldwide games Which many people had enjoyed playing it. It is not as usual as a common game. Pokemon Go has even continued its massive crazy among the international market. Many people have tried and created methods to hack Pokemon Go, But it doesn’t happen.

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving
How to play Pokemon GO from home without walking

Pokemon Go Hack is not possible earlier days. Even I have tried many ways for getting the Pokemon Go Hack on my android mobile, But I haven’t ended with a successful hack. I have seen different hacks for different smartphones but none of them works. After trying so many days finally found two methods to Play Pokemon Go without moving from one place. So Let’s Move further to know the hack.

Best Ways to Pokemon Go Hack on Android

As I said in the above paragraph, None of the hack found on the internet was working. So we a team of people started researching on it and finally found two best methods to Hack Pokemon Go on Android Mobile. One method is for Rooted Android Devices and the other is for Unrooted Android Mobiles.

So in this article, I’m going to teach you about How to play Pokemon Go without moving from one place on your unrooted android mobiles. Even you don’t require a rooted device to get this Pokemon Go hack.

The process is so simple and it is done within a few minutes. Just we need to download two apps in order to play the Pokemon go without moving.  As our Android devices allow us to do anything with our android phone we should do some simple setting as mentioned below.

Requirements to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving

This method doesn’t require too many resources but it requires 2 or 3 that’s it. They are as follows

  1. Android Phone (Unrooted also Works well)
  2. Two Android Apps. (Pokemon Go and Pokemon GO Fly GPS Hack (Fake GPS))
  3. Good Internet connection to play the game.

So these are the requirements which we need to have in order to play pokemon go without moving from one place.

Steps on How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving (No Root Needed)

Doing this is easy and simple. We need to download two android apps which will allow users to play Pokemon go without moving from one place. Even sometimes you may see an error called Pokemon Go GPS not found when you play normally. But by playing using the method which I show you, you will not face any error as mentioned above. This method is based on Pokemon Go GPS Spoofing nothing but Pokemon Go GPS Hack. So without wasting the time let’s move into the tutorial.

  • First of all download the below-mentioned apps on your Android Device.

Download Pokemon Go App

Download Pokemon GO Fly GPS Hack (Fake GPS) App

  • Now we need to activate the Developer option on your device. To do so we need to go to Settings>>About Phone>>Tap on Build Number 7 times to activate it to Developers mode.
  • Now Go back to Settings>>Developer Option.

How to play pokemon go without moving

  • Locate to “Select Mock Location App” and select Fake GPS Joystick app which you have download earlier.


  • Now again Move to Settings>>Location>>Turn it ON and keep GPS mode to High Accuracy mode.


  • Now just launch the Fake Gps Joystick App and select any desired location which you want. Now click on the map icon beside it.
  • After doing that you will see a Green color icon of the map.
  • Now click on start.
  • Then the Fake Gps location will be activated and you can play the Pokemon go a game without moving.
  • Open the Pokemon Go Game and you will see a Joystick to move around. And also you’ll find yourself at the desired location which you selected on the map.

pokemon go joystick

  • That’s it. This is How you can play Pokemon Go without moving on your android device.

The method which I have been used and it is working 100% fine with me. This is a simple and easy way to hack the Pokemon go game which doesn’t even require the rooted mobile. I even have an article ready which explains another method of hacking Pokemon go game using a rooted android mobile. The next article going to be How to Hack Pokemon Go Game on Android Device (Rooted Mobile Required)

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Hence you have succeeded in learning How to Play the Pokemon Go without Moving on Android device. You can use this method which is working 100% without any errors and problems. If you face any problem just comment on your problem. We will try to solve it for you. Hope you liked the article and keep visiting 14wcph for more awesome tutorials which have ever never seen.

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving Easily

I have been wondering if it's possible to play Pokemon Go while staying at the home. Is there any way for me to 'move around' in the game without actually moving? is what many people questions in their mind. To all those who have the same questions, this article is the answer. Yes, you can play pokemon go without moving easily.

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