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How to Remove Watermark from Videos – Watermark Remover

How to Remove Watermark from videos: Nowadays many people are creating their own videos and keeping a watermark on the video. That watermark is a label of their brand and moreover, nobody can use that video because it has a watermark on it.  Especially some big brands are also using the watermark to protect their videos to been copied. So today I’m going to show you how to remove watermark from videos using some simple tools and with some simple steps we can easily remove their watermark and use that video. You can remove watermark from video online and as well as offline. There are many online watermark remover tools that can simply remove the brand logos and edit it as you wish.

How to Remove Watermark from Videos
Video Watermark Remover Online | Remove Watermarks from video

Many people like you and me wanna use their videos because we like that stuff. But we may face some copyright issues if we use the video with their watermark. They are many Watermark Remover Tools which we can use to remove this. But none of them works as promised. So to make the task simple I have collected the best used tool to remove the watermarks. With these, you can know how to remove watermark from video without any changes in the video. Let’s move in the article for more information, here you will get the video watermark remover in online and offline. You can use any one of these methods and know how to remove watermarks from videos.

Best ways to Remove Watermark from Videos (Offline & Online)

In this article, I’m gonna show you both the method as

  • How to remove watermark from video using tools.
  • How to remove watermark from video Online.

These two methods will be shown in this article. Be careful and follow the steps that’s it. You will easily remove watermark in a matter of minutes. Now let’s check the steps carefully and completely.

How to remove watermark from videos using tools

In this method, How to remove the watermark from video using tools I’m going to show you 3 ways to remove the watermark. These are best and works better in removing the watermark from the video. The three ways are as follows

  • Remove Logo Now!
  • Video Converter Studio
  • APower Edit.

Using these three tools we are going to remove the watermark from the video. Let’s move into them one by one.

Remove Logo Now! – Watermark Remover

This is the best and awesome tool to remove the watermarks from a video. Because of its unique algorithm, it will automatically find the watermarks, logos, subtitles, etc and removes them without visible traces.

  • Download the tool and install on your Computer/PC/laptop.

Download Remove Logo Now!

  • Launch it and Now click on Add Files option.
  • Now add the file which you want to remove the watermark from.
  • Then click on Find Logo. The Remove Logo Now tool automatically finds the logo on the video. If it didn’t find then use some manual options and do it.
  • Now use the option called “Marker” or create a rectangular marquee and remove the watermark from the video.

remove watermark from video

  • That’s it, Now you can save your video in any version as you wish because the Remove Logo Now tool allows you to save it any format. You can even edit the audio and video streams.

This is how the Remove Logo Tool works. This is the simple and best way.

 Video Converter Studio – Remove Watermark Video

Video Converter Studio is a stable video convert as well as a converter. It has some awesome features in editing a video from there we can remove the watermark from a video. It can also convert a video into any format easily.

  • Download the Video Convert Studio from below and install it on your PC.

Download Video Convert Studio

  • Open the tool and click on Add files.
  • Add the file with a watermark which you want to remove.
  • Video Converter Studio automatically find the watermark when you add the file.
  • Now all you need to do is select “None” as shown in the below. Now just click on “Convert” option

how to remove a watermark from a video

  • Just wait for some time to complete the task. After the completion, you can see the video without watermark.
  • This is how we should use Video Converter Studio to Remove Watermark from Video.

APower Edit:

APower edit is an awesome editing tool to edit images and videos. It has a lot many options to edit a video as well as a pic. You can also remove the watermark from a video using this APower Edit tool. It has two functions called Crop and Mosaic which are used to remove the watermark.

  • First of all, Download the APower Edit Tool and Install it on your PC.

Download APower Edit

  • Launch the tool and add the video which you want to edit.
  • Then Right Click on the video and choose to “Add to Project”
  • Now just simply click on the option called “Crop” and cut the margin of the watermark which was present in the video Or you can use Mosaic to cover the original watermark.

remove video watermark

  • Now Click on export to export video to download the edited video.
  • That’s it, Finally, you have successfully removed the watermark from Video. With this, you can remove the water mark online.

This is how we can use these three tools and remove the watermark from the video. These three tools are awesome and used to remove the watermark from the video offline. Now let’s check how we can remove the watermark from a video online using the tools, check to remove video watermark online.

How to remove watermark from videos Online

Yet this is another awesome method which we can use to remove the watermark from the video. In addition to the offline method, we have an online method to remove the watermark from the video. Let’s proceed with the steps to remove the watermark., you can remove watermark online free.

Steps to Remove the watermark from the videos online

Simply follow the steps to remove the watermark. Simple steps should be done to remove the watermark online.

  • First of all, you should go to
  • It is an online watermark remover. Which helps us to remove the watermark from a video.
  • Just upload the video to it. The video which you want to remove the watermark for.

remove watermark from video online

  • The tool automatically removes the watermarks from the video and gives you the clean output of the video without any watermark on it.
  • That’s it.

This is how simply you can remove the watermark from the video online. But it allows only up to 5 videos to edit. It also has some prices if you need to edit more videos. Select the best plan and go ahead.

These are popular methods which everyone uses to remove the watermark from a video. Both the offline and online methods are 100% working and tested by our team. You can remove watermark free online without any trouble.

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Other 3 Ways to Remove Watermark From Video

Rather than the above 3 methods provided you can use the other way to remove watermark from video and with these steps you can get the video watermark remover online also. Follow the below steps.

Blur the Watermark

Instead of deleting the watermark permanently, you can blur the existing watermark and make it look more natural than the other one. You can blur the watermark to the extent limit so that no logo or image appears there. With this, you can remove the watermark on video.

removing watermark from video

Replace The Watermark

If you don’t want to delete the watermark and needs to convey some other information in that place then you can simply use the option of replacing, you can replace the old information with the new one. You can do this with the watermark remover free that is available.

Crop the watermark

In most of the cases, the watermark will be on the corners. If you want to remove that then you can use the cropping. Here you can crop the video so that only some portion of the video will be erased and the other portion looks as usual. You can use the watermark remover online tools to crop the portions.

With these ways, you can remove video watermark and use the videos as per your interest without any copyright acts. Use the remove watermark online or offline tools and remove watermarks from video permanently.


As a result, we finally learned how to remove the watermark from a video using both the methods (offline & Online). Then why you’re waiting for Go like our pages and edit your videos. You can remove the watermark from videos and use them as your wish. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the article. We are here to help you all. Stay tuned to 14wcph for more informative and awesome guides.

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