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How to Change JioFi Password (JioFi 3 & JioFi 2 Easiest Way)

Simple Method to Change Jiofi Password: As we all know that jio has come up with an excellent concept of Personal Hotspot for every individual. It is helping a lot of people to use the Internet without any problem. People are buying Jiofi 3 and jiofi 2 and using jiofi 4g internet with high speed.  Many people Don’t know How to Change JioFi Password. So today in this article, we are going to explain step by step method to change the jiofi router password.

Change Jiofi Password
How to Change My WiFi Password on My Jiofi Device

As we know that Jiofi is a personal hotspot, we can connect all our devices to this hotspot. In order to connect to the jiofi network, we need to search for the Jiofi SSID name and enter the password which was available on the box. This is an easy task to connect your devices to jiofi. But if you want to Change the Jiofi Password and SSID name then you have to follow this complete article until the end to do it.

Step by Step Method to Change Jiofi Password & SSID:

Jiofi Password Change is an easy task which we are going to discuss below.  Many people who are thinking “How to Change JioFi 2 Password” and  “How to Change Jiofi 3 Password” can follow the below procedure. Keep in mind that the process for JioFi 2 password change & JioFi 3 password change will be the same.  So don’t get confused simply follow the procedure to change the password & SSID name. Without wasting the time let’s move into the tutorial

1) Power On your JioFi Device

Firstly, Switch on your device by holding the power button of jiofi. Make sure that you have noted down the JioFi Password before connecting to devices. The password will be printed on the box as shown below.

how to change jiofi password

2) Connecting to JioFi

Now it’s time to connect your devices to Jiofi hotspot. Just open your smartphone or laptop and search for the jio wifi. Select it and enter the password. That’s it will be connected. See the below image for clear understanding.

jiofi password change

3) Going to Jiofi Local Page

Now we have to go to or http://jiofi.local.html on your browser in order to change the jiofi password and SSID name.  By this, we can access the jiofi settings page.

jiofi local html

4) Login with Default Details

Now here we have to log in to access this interface. By default the Username: administrator and Password: administrator and click on login. Now it will prompt to change the password for logging in to the interface.

jio wifi password change

5) Change the Interface Login

Just enter your new password to login for the interface. Make sure to keep a note of your password as this is the main login to access the jiofi settings page.

how to change password of jiofi

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6) Change JioFi Password and SSID Name

Now, this is the important part. Just follow the steps below to do it carefully.

  • Click on Network Tab>>Wifi Configuration
  • You will be seeing a screen like the below image. Enter your new password in the password field.

how to reset jiofi password

  • Now change the SSID Name (ie. Name of your Wifi) in the same wifi configuration tab.

So this is how to change jio router password within 6 easy steps. Just follow these 6 steps carefully in order to Change Jiofi Password. If you face any problem in changing the password of Jiofi just comment on your problem in the comment session we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.


As a result, you have learned the process to change the jiofi password and SSID name simply within 6 steps. Feel free to contact us if you face any problem. Share the article with your friends, family & at social media networks. Keep Visiting 14wcph for more tutorials.

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