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Fix Arrow Keys Not Working in Excel Step by Step 2019

Do you regularly work with worksheets in Excel? Are you facing problem arrow keys not working in excel? Don’t worry we are here to provide you complete step by step process to fix the issue in a few simple steps.

Arrow Keys Not Working in Excel
Arrows keys not working in Microsoft Excel

Will you working in a work worksheet in Excel and when you press one of the arrow keys on your keyboard. Instead of moving to the next cell, the whole Excel sheet is scrolling down. This is where the arrow key for not working properly. Don’t worry! Now let’s check the proper fix for this issue.

Steps to Fix Arrow Keys not working in Excel

Are you so frustrated that after pressing the arrow key, it is moving the entire spreadsheet instead of a single cell? This is a very common occurrence happened with many Excel users. Right now in this article, We are going to provide you the exact fix to this issue.

excel arrow keys scroll


This particular issue occurs due to scrolling key locks. When the scroll lock feature is turned on, even when we press any of the arrow keys the entire spreadsheet start moving in the direction. The easy and the best fix is to turn off the scroll lock. Let’s see how to do it in the below steps

Disable Scroll Lock Key

Disable scroll lock is very easy but some laptops don’t come with scroll lock keys. If your keyboard doesn’t have a scroll lock key then we need to do the procedure using the fn key. Below we will show you both the ways to disable scroll lock.

Turning Off Scroll Lock with the Keyboard Keys

To Enable Scroll Lock on & off, you should just press the scroll lock key on the keyboard. Most of the keyboards, the scroll lock key is located in the control keys section of the keyboard.

excel arrow keys not working

Turning Off Scroll Lock without the Keyboard Keys

It is quite easy to turn off the scroll lock with the keyboard if you have the scroll lock in the keyboard. Otherwise, we need to turn off the scroll lock key using the below methods. Even we explain how to turn off scroll lock for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Turn off Scroll Lock for Windows 10

1) Press the Windows key on your Windows 10
2) Now type on screen keyboard and press enter
3) when the On-screen keyboard appears just click on the scroll lock button to disable it.

Turn Off Scroll Lock for Windows 8

1) Press on the windows key of your keyboard
2) Now type on screen keyboard and press enter
3) Now you should see a full keyboard appear. If the full keyboard appears just click on the scroll lock button and Disable it.

arrow keys dont work in excel

4) if you see a small bar with a few keys, then click on general.
5) After clicking general, you will be able to see the keyboard with all the keys appearing on your screen. Now click on the scroll lock button to disable

Turn off scroll lock button for Windows XP, 7 and other versions

  • Click the start button on the left side corner of the desktop
  • Find the search bar and type on screen keyboard and press enter
  • Now you can see the On-screen keyboard which appears on your screen.
  • Just click on the scroll lock button to disable it.

This is the complete step by step process to fix the scroll lock issue in the worksheet of Excel. We hope this method would work & the issue of scroll lock will be cleared at your end.

keyboard arrows not working

Disabling of scroll lock doesn’t work for you? Don’t worry we have other methods ready for you. The method is turning ON the sticky keys.

Turn ON the Sticky Keys

We have received many reports saying that “the issue of scroll lock in Microsoft Excel is not clear by turning it off”. So you have researched on the topic and found that Turning ON the sticky keys will you solve the complete issue. Now let us check how to enable the sticky key.

  • Click on Windows button
  • Search for control panel
  • Click on the control panel
  • Select Turn ON sticky keys option and click on Ok.

arrow keys not working

  • That’s it!!

Now the malfunctioning arrow keys on excel should be fixed with these steps.

This is how the problem of Arrow keys not working in excel is been solved step by step. We Hope like this tutorial. Feel free to share this tutorial with friends and families at social media sites. If you have any questions regarding the arrow keys not working in Excel, ask them in the comment section below. Stay Tuned to 14wcph Guides for more informative articles.

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